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Carpet Pythons
Morelia bredli, Morelia carinata and the Morelia spilota complex

Preis: 39,80 €


ISBN: 978-3-86659-295-7

Marc Mense
  • 216 pages
  • many colour pictures, graphs
  • size: 17,5 x 23,2 cm, Hardcover


Carpet pythons not only rank amongst the most attractive pythons in
general, but they also present the reptile lover with a natural variety
of appearances that is second to none. Marc Mense has been keeping
and breeding various carpet pythons for many years. In this book, he
introduces to you all subspecies of Morelia spilota (carpet pythons, incl.
the diamond python), Morelia bredli (Bredl’s python), and the roughscaled
python (M. carinata) with detailed portraits. He describes how
they live in the wild, and provides an easy-to-follow guide to how to
keep them properly in a terrarium.
  • Systematics: detailed identification key
  • Biology: ecology of the animals in nature
  • Terrarium: setting it up properly
  • Handling carpet pythons: all the dos and don’ts
  • Propagation: reproductive stimuli, incubation of eggs, and raising babies
  • Diseases: preventing and solving problems
  • Species accounts: detailed information on all species and subspecies
  • Brilliant photographs of all forms

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