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  • Autor Uli Meßlinger
  • Umfang 64 pages
  • Format 28 x 20,7 cm
  • Einband Hardcover
  • Abbildungen many illustrations
  • ISBN 978-3-86659-512-5

Discover the Beavers

Beavers are fascinating architects of nature and the second largest rodent in the world! These successful animals have conquered large parts of our planet: they live in vast regions of North America, Europe and Asia. In this volume of ‘Series with the Owl’ Uli Meßlinger reports everything that there is to know about these clever rodents, their exciting way of life and their fantastic abilities.

Table of Contents:

  • Made for the water – astonishing adaptations
  • Every day is veggieday – the menu card of the beavers
  • High performance teeth – how beavers fell trees
  • A visit to the beaver family – a glimpse into the lodge
  • Water – stop! – how beavers build dams
  • Cute babies – the cosy family life
  • The beaver as a protector of nature – a list of everyone benefiting from beavers
  • With binoculars and wellies – observing beavers
  • Extra: Exciting beaver quiz

About the Author:

Uli Meßlinger who has a degree in biology, undertakes ecological research and prepares ecological expert reports as well as working in conservation. His main focus is the aquatic environment. In his free time, he observes nature and is actively involved in the protection of our animal neighbours.


Discover the BeaversDiscover the BeaversDiscover the Beavers

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