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  • Autor Karl-Heinz Switak
  • Umfang 364 pages
  • Format 23,2 x 17,5 cm
  • Einband Softcover
  • Abbildungen 327 illustrations
  • ISBN 978-3-937285-82-5

Adventures in Green Python Country

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„Adventures in Green Python Country“ is the intriguing scientific adventure story of herpetologist Karl-Heinz Switak and his search for the elusive Chondropython viridis, one of the world's most sought-after snakes. It is found primarily on the mysterious and beautiful island of New Guinea, where it thrives from the sea level to fog-enshrouded mountain tops. Not only does Switak handle many deadly and venomous serpents with his bare hands, he also does this in one of the least traveled, most pristine jungles in the world - in the dark, steamy heart of Papua, well-known for the cannibalism practicated by some of its primitive tribes.

Sons of a missionary family of the island, Brian and Bruse Rose, accompany Switak on his many precarious safaris into unknown territory in search of green tree pythons, where they face not only some of the planet's most diverse and treacherous landscapes, but also the constant threat that they may become breakfest for some of the natives. Switak manages not only to engage the reader with his personal encounters involving people around the world, but he also gives us an educational and compelling account of the green tree python and contemporary science.

His stunning photographs and well-placed humor combine to make this one of the most exciting adventure stories ever.

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