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  • Autor Stefan Broghammer
  • Umfang 440 pages
  • Format 22 x 27,5 cm
  • Einband Hardcover
  • Abbildungen many illustrations
  • ISBN 978-3-86659-405-0

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Python regius - Atlas of Colour Morphs, Keeping and Breeding

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The first edition of the Ball-Python-Atlas was already celebrated by fans of this giant snake as the ultimate book on the topic. Since then, there has been a lot of development in breeding, which is why expert Stefan Broghammer presents an updated and vastly expanded reprint. In this new edition he explains in a readily understandable and practical way all prerequisites that must be taken into account for the successful husbandry and offspring of the Python regius. Additionally, Broghammer describes and shows with fantastic photos the incredible abundance of colour and drawing forms, including, of course, many spectacular morphs, which have been newly bred since the first edition was published.

No other species of giant snake is bred in a comparable variety of colours and colour patterns as the ball python. Its robust constitution and easily fulfilled demands on husbandry conditions make it perfectly suited for breeding projects of this kind, almost as well as an “normal” pet.

With this comprehensive atlas, Stefan Broghammer not only discusses in detail the preconditions required to successfully keep and propagate ball pythons, but also provides an all-inclusive in-depth portrayal of all morphs available at present. The wealth of unique photographs alone makes his treatise a feast for the eyes!

Stefan Broghammer is the leading German expert on the husbandry and breeding of ball pythons. He has been importing potential new colour morphs directly from Africa for many years, knows from his own observations how the snakes live there, and is regarded as a pioneer in the field of designer morph breeding.

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