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Fishes and Corals
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  • Autor Dr. Dieter Brockmann
  • Umfang 224 pages
  • Format 17 x 24 cm
  • Einband Hardcover
  • Abbildungen 425 photos
  • ISBN 978-3-86659-017-5

Fishes and Corals

In the marine aquarium hobby we can look back o­n a long and successful history. Initially, during the 1960s, with aquariums containing o­nly fishes, such as the magnificent butterfly- and angelfishes, and from there o­n to the highly specialized coral reef aquariums of today, where a large diversity of reef-building stony corals are successfully being kept and bred. This book addresses both of these aspects of the marine aquarium hobby:

In the first part of the book, several chapters are dedicated to various fish families (butterflyfishes, angelfishes and doctorfishes, as well as damselfishes, hawkfishes, dottybacks, basslets, longfins and mini-groupers), while the second part deals with hydroid animals (fire corals and lace corals), as well as all the other types of corals (soft corals, leather corals, gorgonian corals and stony corals). The concluding chapter addresses o­ne of the major problem areas of the coral reef aquarium: diseases and parasites of corals.


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